If you and your lost love
could dance through life one more time,
wouldn't you try to make it perfect?

The Music

1 - Close Enough
Irene sings to Vernon’s memory about her excitement that their life story is to be filmed.

Irene: Judy McLane
2 - She Dances Like An Angel
Vernon Castle, appearing to Irene in a memory sequence, re-enacts their triumphant appearance at the Café de Paris in 1912

Vernon: Ted Keegan
3 - Old Dobbin
Irene remembers the kind of number she and Vernon sang when starting out in vaudeville.

Young Irene: Jennifer Mackenzie Dunne
Vernon: Ted Keegan
4 - Where is Spring?
Irene visits the RKO set, a re-creation of the Café de Paris, and waxes nostalgic.

Irene: Judy McLane
5 - I'd like to dance through life with you
Irene remembers her days in Paris when she and Vernon were not yet famous.

Young Irene: Jennifer Mackenzie Dunne
Vernon: Ted Keegan
6 - Let's go around the town
Walter Ash, Vernon and Irene’s friend/servant who has accompanied them to Paris, has won a lot of money in a pick-up poker game. Now they can eat – and celebrate.

Vernon: Ted Keegan
Young Irene: Jennifer Mackenzie Dunne
Walter: Ken Prymus
7 - The Oscar
Irene imagines what Ginger Rogers’ real motivation is behind making the RKO movie.

Ginger Rogers: Emily Rozek
8 - Nothing Underfoot
Irene describes to H.C. what dancing with Vernon was like.

Irene: Judy McLane
9 - Lucky break
Irene remembers her first meeting with Vernon, a young British comic hoping to become a musical headliner.

Vernon: Bret Shuford
10 - Forever
Irene points out that, while her performances with Vernon are lost forever, the Astaire-Rogers movies can be seen over and over again.

Irene: Judy McLane
11 - Pills
Irene imagines how she fears H.C. and the studio may be reacting to her suggestions and rants.

H.C.: John Bolton
Fred Astaire: David Elder
Ginger Rogers: Emily Rozek
Irene: Karen Ziemba
12 - Crash!!
Walter Ash has died by the time the RKO movie is made, but Irene can still hear his advice.

Walter: David Jackson
13 - Castle Walk
“Castle Walk” was their signature dance, although this is a new song, not the original number by bandleader James Europe.

Young Irene: Rebecca Robbins
14 - In the middle of our love
Irene has been asked to leave the studio set. She imagines Vernon singing to her from beyond the grave.

Vernon: Ted Keegan
15 - Everything Matters
The ghost of Vernon tries to tell Irene that nothing about this earthly life matters that much. Irene replies

Irene: Judy McLane
16 - Finale

Sally Ann Swarm
Milena Govich
Benjamin Randall
Chris Thompson